Gambino Bastalabich (ガンビーノヴァスタラビッチ Ganbīno Bu~asutarabitchi), also known as Buster (バスター Basutā), is one of the main protagonists of Radiant Silvergun.

He is a crew member of the Tetra space cruiser, as well as the test pilot of Silvergun Unit 01.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Buster is an 18 year old male with fair skin and red hair with messy bangs. He also has purplish-blue eyes. He wears a white uniform with blue pads around his shoulders and pits, blue sleeve cuffs, a blue patch on the pelvic area, a segmented blue band around his right leg, and blue boots with yellow cuffs with a v-cut at the front of them. It is also held shut by a large yellow button. Underneath the upper body area of the uniform he wears a blue article of clothing. Around his waist is a brown belt with a large tan holster for a blue gun-like weapon. The belt is also held up in the rear by his pads. His boots also have brown straps with yellow buckles on either side of them.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Buster maintains a confident and optimistic personality, but this is to hide the ability he's gained through his effort. He is in reality the type of person to make an unknowable effort from behind the scenes. He has high pride and a bad mouth, due to his inability to express his true heart honestly. He has no regret in his actions, because he maintains his judgement calmly and with calculation. He has a rather cool-headed air about himself, but it isn't expressionless or mouthless. Though he pretends to be indifferent to other people's actions, he actually makes careful observations and follows up on them should he make a mistake. As for the follow-up, it is not exactly an honest attitude as a "lending". In doing so, he is merely hiding his humanity, such as kindness, loneliness, and embarrassment. Reana is always slowing down his pace, though he is not upset about it, as she has no malicious intent. He also bears a hatred for his father, who he has no respect for.

Background[edit | edit source]

Gambino Bastalabich is the son of a deceased politician, and since his childhood, he has been working alone. After graduating from the military academy with excellent marks, he has been walking along the road to success. On the other hand, however, he is distrustful because he had seen humanity's unpleasantly dirty places. Therefore, it may be weak to Reana, who approached him innocently, though not in the context of being innocent and pure. Unlike Guy, who had a humanly respectable father in the form of Chief Igarashi, Buster's father was a source of contempt for him. Either way, there was no doubt that the father has a great influence on the personality and perspective of each person.

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