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Epsilon-2 (Japanese: イプシロン-2, Hepburn: Ipushiron-2 and more commonly referred to as just Epsilon-Eagle) is the good half of Epsilon-Eagle, as well as the player character and main protagonist of Alien Soldier.


After Epsilon-Eagle was wounded and sucked into the time-space continuum following the X-Ages' assassination attempt of him, his being was split into two halves, each being a parasite and having part of the original Epsilon's personality.

When Epsilon-2 became a parasite, he was hosted by Fou Misaki, a clone of Yu Misaki who was under the care of Kaede Nanase at the research institute "Indigo". When Xi-Tiger threatened to kill Kaede, Epislon-2 responded to Fou's rage, causing him to transform into the visage of the former Scarlet leader.

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As Epsilon-2 is the character you play as, it is up to you to control his actions throughout the game.

He can jump, run on floors and ceilings, and fire his weapons, as well as the Counter Force ability, which allows him to punch weak enemy projectiles to turn into health pick-ups.

Before the game begins, you must select four out of a choice of six different weapons;

  • Buster Force - A standard, rapid-fire weapon.
  • Ranger Force - A four-way spreading shot.
  • Flame Force - A high-damaging flamethrower with a limited range and high energy consumption. Weak against mechanical enemies and bosses, but effective against organic enemies and bosses.
  • Sword Force - An energy beam that continuously fires as long as you hold down the fire button. Range decreases with energy consumption.
  • Lancer Force - A singular, high-powered beam that deals a large amount of damage. Has high energy consumption, so make your shots count!
  • Homing Force - Fires short-ranged flames that can home in on nearby enemies. Useful for identifying weak points in bosses, as well as for tracking Flying-Neo.

Epsilon-2 is also capable of using the Zero Teleport maneuver, which allows him to perform a kind of high-speed dash that is useful for dodging enemy attacks. If Epsilon-2 is at full health, he would be able to perform the Zero Teleport Explosion, which is a fiery dashing attack with a phoenix-like aura that causes a large amount of damage. However, it also takes away some of Epsilon-2's health when it is performed, and as a result, if you want to use it, Epsilon-2 must be at full health.