Fou Misaki (Japanese: フォウ・ミサキ Misaki Fou) is a character in Alien Soldier.

General InformationEdit

Fou Misaki was one of several kidnapped children with superpowers that were kept in the Sierrans' research laboratory and experimented on. During his time in captivity, he had a very close bond with a 14-year-old girl named Kaede Nanase. Fou is also the host of the parasitic form of Epsilon-2, the good half of Epsilon-Eagle, whose being had split into two when he was thrown into the time-space continuum.

When Xi-Tiger launched an attack on the research laboratory in an attempt to assassinate Epsilon, he held Kaede hostage with the intent of forcing him out into the open. Enraged, Fou transformed into Epsilon, now in the form of a "birdman" with steel wings. Sensing an unknown power within Epsilon, Xi-Tiger fled the facility, but not before killing Kaede. With that, Fou, now as Epsilon-2, flew off in pursuit of Xi-Tiger, intending to avenge Kaede's death.

Extended BackstoryEdit

Fou's story began with his "mother", 10-year-old Yu Misaki, whose I.Q. was abnormally high.

At that time, Scarlet was originally a research institution involved in advanced genetic engineering.

It was after the suicide of Nanase 1 (Kaede's father) that Yu took over as the superintendent of Scarlet and pushed for the advancement of the "Alpha Plan", a project whose objective is the development of complete ecosystems through genetic engineering and technology for space travel.

Artificial sub-human lifeforms developed for these ecosystems were a product of the Alpha Plan. However, they began to rebel, forming what would become known as the Scarlet terrorist sect lead by Epsilon-Eagle, and declared war on humanity.

A special combat unit of child soldiers with superpowers, the X-Ages, were dispatched to assassinate Epsilon-Eagle and capture Yu Misaki. 

After the assassination attempt, the X-Ages found and brought back what was not Yu Misaki, but a young boy with a resemblence to her. On his collar is an engaving, "MISAKI-4". Thus, he was named Fou Misaki.

Maintaining custody of Fou proved to be taxing on the X-Ages, and as a result, he was entrusted to the research institution "Indigo". 

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  • Age: 12
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: South America (details unknown)


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