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Marina Liteyears (also known simply as Marina) is the main protagonist of Mischief Makers. She is also a playable character in Rakugaki Showtime.


Marina is a humanoid robot, she has light peach skin, blue eyes and green short, spiked hair. She has dark red and light cream coloured armour. Her hat is short and cylindrical with a cut-out at the front, it also has two long strands coming off of it with red tips. Her body is mainly the red armour which covers her whole body and most of her arms. Atop it is the lighter cream armour that covers her chest and hips and covers her wrists and shoulders in large spherical shapes. Her wrist-guards have large blue gems in them. Her leg armour is wider around her thighs and her feet are small with little light cream bits at the bottom.

In the secret ending, Marina is shown as a human. Her appearance depends on what age the player entered at the start of the game with a younger human being shown if ages 0-15 were entered and an older human being shown is an age over 16 was entered. Despite this, both ages have the same skin, eye and hair colour as Marina's robot form and wear light cream and red outfits. The younger human has a red high necked top with long red gloves and a light cream skirt and the older human wears a poofy sleeved white dress with red accents. She has the same long red gloves but with an extra pair of shorter white gloves over the top. She additionally has a large red bow around her waist.


Marina is kind and determined.



  • When left idle, Marina will sing to herself