This page details the trivia for Radiant Silvergun.


  • According to Hiroshi Iuchi, the director of the game's development team, the dialogue of Stage 1 in the Sega Saturn version is an intentional symbolism for the executive meddling between video game retailers, developers, and publishers, with hardcore players being caught in the middle.[1]
  • A majority of the boss names mean different things, slyly disguised as random letters and numbers
  • Most of the bosses are also references, all of which going hand-in-hand with the Eternal Recurrence trope invoked by the Stone-Like and the subtext commentary on the state of the video game industry; some of the bosses are implied to be man-made creations, both from previous cycles of life and other video game titles.
    • Gallop is a reference to the R-Type series, as well as its name being a reference to Armed Police Unit Gallop, which takes place concurrently with R-Type Delta. Its three attack drones are a reference to the Bit and Force satellite devices. The frontal drone even shoots forward and fires spreading shots like the Force would. Gallop also features attacks based on the weapons in the R-Type series.
    • Xiga's movement patterns and appearance have a resemblance to the popular Japanese tokusatsu character Ultraman.
  • The game is referenced in Gunstar Super Heroes, when Satoa, the blue Treasure Gem, alludes to an Earth where humans had become used to war and death, and that Satoa was created to help stop humankind from extinction. While it couldn't cure their violent behavior, it could not help but love them.
    • Along with that, Satoa also has an octahedral shape, not unlike the Stone-Like.

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