Shyna Nera Shyna

Shyna Nera Shyna is the main character of Silhouette Mirage. She is a Protesian, a being who has the powers of both Silhouette and Mirage attributes.

Appearance Edit

Shyna is small, she has fair skin and magenta eyes. She wears a half and half, red and blue costume, which consists of a winged hat, a dress and boots. The Mirage half consists of an angel wing, a frilled dress and boot, while the Silhouette half has a devil wing, a spiky dress and a pointy boot.

Personality Edit

Shyna describes herself as "sweet" and "friendly." As the Messenger of Justice, created by the supercomputer Gehena, her mission is to find the computerized system called Edo and eliminate any anomaly within it.

Trivia Edit

  • Shyna is often portrayed as having purple eyes.