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Shyna Nera Shyna (often just named Shyna) is the main protagonist of Silhouette Mirage. She is a Protesian, a being who has the powers of both Silhouette and Mirage attributes.


Shyna is small, she has fair skin and magenta eyes. She wears a half and half, red and blue costume, which consists of a winged hat, a dress and boots. The red half has a wing on her hat and lighter round edges to her collar, dress hem and boot. The blue half has a devil wing on her hat, a pointed collar and dress hem, and a lighter cuff to her boot. She has four thick pieces of blonde hair with the red side having curled hair and the blue side being sharp pointed hair. Her hair also turns into hands when attacking.

On the cover for the North American version of Silhouette Mirage, she is also seen with yellow Polly Peepers and green Specter face earrings.


Shyna describes herself as 'sweet' and 'friendly'. She has a strong sense of justice and can't be diverted from her quests path of restoring Edo. She's quite kind to others and only attacks back if attacked first. She has a tendency to get annoyed if people misname her as the 'Messenger of Destruction'.


As the 'Messenger of Justice', created by the supercomputer Gehena, her mission is to find the computerized system called Edo and eliminate any anomaly within it. At the beginning of the game she has amnesia because of the explosions at her shelter.


When Shyna arrives at the core of Edo it is revealed that she is simply a bomb that will go off once she is close enough to the core meaning she truly has no say in whether to revive Edo or not.


  • "Holy titanic tuna! What is this thing?!! Is it some kind of viral anomaly?"
  • "There's no need to battle anymore. There's nothing left, everything is gone. What do we have to fight over?"
  • "Hey, Gehena. Everything is gone. What are the odds that the world will be satisfied with such an outcome?"


  • Her Japanese name is Sinner Neutlarva Sinner
    • Her name is spelt Sinna Neutlarva Sinner in the Japanese credits
  • Shyna is often portrayed as having purple eyes however it is quite inconsistent:
    • She is noted to have red eyes from an in-game loading screen
    • Her dialogue sprite gives her magenta eyes
    • Official art gives her purple eyes
    • Her eyes appear as red and blue corresponding to her outfit colours, as well as pink in the animated opening
  • Shyna also is seen to have outfit inconsistencies:
    • The inside of the bat wing on her hat is usually light blue in art but appears as red in-game and on the Japanese Playstation box art. The wing is also sometimes rarely shown as being tattered
    • The accents on Shyna's Mirage side are sometimes shown as a light pink but also white. The trim on her hat is also sometimes completely missing
    • Only on the North American box art does Shyna have earrings resembling a Polly Peepers and a Specter face
    • The hem on her left boot is sometimes triangular and sometimes a regular circular shape
    • Her overall colour scheme is also sometimes a bit off with the red side sometimes looking pink and the blue side sometime looking purple. However this might just be because of lighting or to fit a scene or mood better
  • In a Japanese magazine it states that Shyna's age is around fourteen
  • A loading screen reveals her height to be 1 metre, her weight 15.8kg and her blood type A


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