The Stone-Like is the main antagonist and the final boss of Radiant Silvergun. It also appears in the game's spiritual successor, Ikaruga, again as the final boss.


The Stone-Like is a large, yellow octahedral object. In the introductory cutscene of the game when it was being scanned at EDA Research Lab Division 3, along with the memory data of the Creator-type robonoid that it was unearthed with from the prehistoric layer of the Earth, the memory data of the robonoid displayed an image of it with circuit board-like traces on its surfaces.

Radiant SilvergunEdit

WARNING: The following information contains spoilers!

The Stone-Like was excavated from the prehistoric layer of the Earth by the EDA in July of 2520, along with the remains of a CREATOR series robonoid bearing the serial number 00104, the same as CREATOR 00104, a robonoid stationed on the Tetra space cruiser. Chief Igarashi, Secretary of Defense of the EDA, ordered the Stone-Like to be examined by EDA Research Lab Division 3, which is also tasked at analyzing the memory data of the robonoid.

After the Stone-Like was scanned, and the researchers examined the robonoid's memory data, it began to glow brightly before causing an explosion at the facility.

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