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Stretch Panic is a game developed by Treasure for the Playstation 2.


The gameplay focuses on Linda's scarf and the use of the control sticks for aiming grab attacks. A main mechanic of the game is being able to grab onto anything in the environment and characters for platforming and attack.

The UI shows two stars for Linda's health (bottom left of the screen) and the boss' health (top right of the screen). The stars fill up as damage is taken and if the star is filled, the enemy or Linda is defeated. The colours in the star correlate to damage with blue being light damage, yellow being medium damage, red being heavy damage and green being special damage. During gameplay an arrow called a 'stretch point' can appear as a hint for an enemy's weak point. Linda's demon scarf's eye at the bottom right of the screen will open when Linda grabs onto an enemy, it's called a 'stretch-o-meter'. It changes from yellow to red depending on how much you stretch an enemy.

Linda's attacks are

  • Stretching - using the right analog stick
  • Scarf Flip - pressing the R3 button after the environment or an enemy is grabbed
  • Torpedo Attack - charge 'stretch-o-meter' to full
  • Throw - R3 button, only with small enemies or objects
  • Scarf Bomb - hold L3 and R3 button at the same time (when an enemy is grabbed), used to exorcise the sisters

The levels are split into two types, one being boss battles and the other being open stages (EX worlds) where the Bonita Zako enemies roam. These levels are used to grind points to be able to use special attacks during boss fights and to enter boss rooms.

There are twelve bosses for each sister and the goal is to not only drain their health but also exorcise them with a Smart Bomb attack which requires points to use. All bosses and enemies can be viewed and their models played with in the 'Gallery of Shame'


The story revolves around Linda and her twelve sisters who she must save from demons who've targeted the girls for their vanity.

Manual version[]

Linda lived in a big house on the outskirts of town with her 12 sisters, all of whom were extremely vain. All day long her sisters would put on make up, try on different clothes and strut about the house admiring themselves in mirrors. They rarely talked, pausing only to complement each other on how beautiful they looked.

'My, how beautiful I look today!' said Jelly-chan as she admired herself in one of the house's many large mirrors. 'This outfit looks absolutely fabulous on me. Linda don't I look spectacular?'

'Yes Jelly, you look lovely, as always' replied Linda who wasn't in the least bit vain. Linda could not understand her sisters' fascination with their appearance. The only piece of clothing Linda truly loved was a tatty old green scarf which had been give to her by her father.

'And look at you, always wearing that gaudy striped shirt and stupid cap. And that scarf! It's so old it should be buried. Honestly Linda you're a complete disaster. Why don't you let us give you a makeover?'

"Because I don't want a makeover. I like my clothes. At least they fit me! That skirt is obviously two sizes too small for you!'

'Don't you take that tone of voice with Jelly!' said Spirit, the oldest of the sisters. 'She's right, you do look like a mess! Now make yourself useful and go down to the mall and pick up our cosmetics order!'

Linda was the youngest in the family and was used to being bossed around. Since her sisters rarely left the house (they couldn't stand to be away from their wardrobe for very long) Linda was always delegated to go into town for groceries and whatnot. Linda didn't really mind though. In truth, she liked to get outside and enjoyed a break from her sister's once in a while.

So Linda walked down the long road into town and picked up her sister's cosmetics order from the beauty store. There were so many boxes Linda could barely carry them all! As she staggered back from town, trying to keep her balance with the boxes stacked way above her head, she heard the sound of a vehicle getting closer. She looked around but couldn't see anything, even though the sound was getting louder and louder. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a large truck with a bizarre logo emblazoned on the side appeared and zoomed by Linda, almost hitting her. Linda lost her balance and dropped all the boxes. As the truck drove away into the distance, it seemed to her that the logo on the side was almost... laughing at her? No, it must be her imagination. Linda slowly gathered up the boxes and continued on towards home.

Meanwhile, the truck pulled to a stop outside Linda's house. A few seconds later the front door opened and a large package was pushed inside. Before anyone could see who (or what) had made the delivery, the door slammed and the truck drove away. All of the 12 sisters gathered round the package, curious as to what it was, and who it was for.

'Maybe it's food for me!' said Jelly-chan hungrily.

'Perhaps it's make-up for me!' Said Mirage hopefully.

'No, no, it must be that new blouse I ordered!' said Samantha, excitedly.

'That's strange, there's no address on it, just this 'Beauty Set' flier.' Commented Spirit.

As Spirit reached out to pick up the leaflet the box began to shake! All the sisters jumped back, startled! Slowly the tabs unfolded and the box began to open by itself! As the sides dropped to the floor an ominous looking doorway was revealed. The door was closed, but a mysterious could be heard from inside.

"Sisters, Sisters, don't be frighened.

Gather round and be enlightened!

For we have come from far away,

to grant your heart's desire this day.

Such glamour we have rarely seen!

You all could pass as beauty queens.

Your clothes look great, as does your hair;

your make up is without compare.

And yet... you feel it's not enough,

for any girl can buy this stuff.

You want a look that's more unique.

A style beyond conventional chic.

Well ladies, it's your lucky day,

there is no reason to dismay!

For it is well within our power.

To change your very shape this hour!

Now ultimately it's your decision.

To manifest your inner vision.

But trust us, it's the best cosmetic.

We guarantee you won't regret it.

Your vanity has drawn us here.

Let your pride overcome your fear.

Your desire is the only key.

To unlock the museum of agony."

By the time the voice had finished the sisters had completely forgotten about Linda and their cosmetics delivery. In fact, they had completely forgotten about everything. They barely even noticed as the door slowly began to open...

As Linda approached the house, tired from carrying her sisters' cosmetics boxes all the way back from the store, a blinding light started flashing from inside, visible through all the windows. There was a large explosion, windows shattered, and the light spread, engulfing Linda.

Linda dashed inside, and instantly saw the source of the light. Standing right there in the middle of the front hall was a mysterious open doorway with light pouring out. Linda approached the door cautiously. As she stepped closer she heard a strange high pitched mischievous laugh. Then, right before her eyes her scarf started to move, coiling around her like a snake! Linda gasped as the end turning black, split like fingers, and a huge eye opened on the back. Her scarf had become possessed! Linda was afraid the scarf might try to attack her, after a few seconds, she realized that is actually seemed to like her!

Just then Linda heard the whispering voice coming from the other side of the door. Because of the light she could not see who was speaking.

'Linda, step through the portal. Join your sisters! Join us!'

'What have you done with my sisters?' shouted Linda defiantly.

'They have been made beautiful, like your scarf. Do you want to become beautiful Linda?'

'I don't want to become anything! I just want my sisters back!'

'If you want them,' hissed the voice, 'then come and get them.'

Even though she was scared, Linda knew she was her sisters' only hope. Without hesitation, she stepped through the doorway and into the light.




  • Bonita Zako
  • Siren's Minions
  • Anne Droid Zako




  • Stretch Panic was Treasure's first free-roaming 3D game
  • In the game's Japanese title, "Hippa" means "Pull" in Japanese, so the game's Japanese title literally translates to "Pull Linda", which might have sounded stupid if it was titled that in localization, which is probably why it was retitled "Stretch Panic" in its North American localization and as "Freak Out" in its PAL region localization.


In other languages[]

  • Japanese: Hippa Linda (ひっぱリンダ)
  • Europe and Oceania: Freak Out