Zohar is an antagonist and rival to Shyna from Silhouette Mirage.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Zohar is a short humanoid with white skin, blonde hair and armour. They're either portrayed with white or teal coloured gloves. Their forms have similar designs with slight differences.

Zohar Sandalphon has pink armour, blue eyes and lipstick. She's slimmer than Zohar Metatron and her hip armour is shorter. She uses a gun for attack.

Zohar Metatron has dark blue armour and red eyes. He uses a sword for attack.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Zohar is a being with both Silhouette and Mirage attributes just like Shyna. They can switch from either form at will with the Silhouette form (Zohar Metatron) being male and the Mirage form (Zohar Sandalphon) being female. They were created by Hal.


During one of the endings, if Shyna defeats Zohar quickly during their last battle, Hal turns Zohar into Cypher Ha/Za Zohar against their will. It turned out that Zohar was a Guardian Angel as well and by giving them a personality, their powers were sealed. Zohar will cry during the fight and once defeated they bid Shyna a sorrowful farewell.

If Shyna doesn't defeat Zohar fully within the time limit, Hal will destroy them once the two teleport to the core of Edo.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

During the early fights with Zohar, Shyna must simply reduce their health to 500 then they will retreat. She must shoot Zohar with the opposite attribute to what form they are in. Zohar is immune to having their spirit drained so attacks of the same attribute do no damage.

In the final fight with Zohar, there is a two minute time limit. How quickly Shyna defeats them chooses the pathway for different endings. Zohar moves about a lot more in this fight so is more difficult than the previous fights. The orbs that Zohar shoots out will only reflect Mirage attacks.

During the fight against Cypher Ha/Za Zohar, they will still use the strategy of switching attributes so Shyna must shoot them with the opposite attribute.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cypher Ha/Za Zohar's Japanese name is Sepher Ha/Za Zohar
  • In concept art and the Japanese credits their names are shortened to Zohar MT and Zohar SP respectively
  • The North American credits mistakingly give Zohar Metatron Zohar Sandalphon's voice actor and vice versa
  • In the Japanese version, in the fight against Cypher Ha/Za Zohar, Zohar will ask Shyna to leave since they can't stop fighting her and don't want to kill her
  • In a Japanese magazine it states that Zohar's age is around seventeen
  • Their glove colour is quite inconsistent with it being white their dialogue portraits and a light blue in-game. However both in artwork and the animated opening they are shown with both variants

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